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Hello, everyone. We are Kirara Takekura and Kelly Shin from DP 1.

We are coming to you with a monthly school newsletter led by us DP students, a safe space where our school community can freely communicate. Partially due to the worsening of the coronavirus cases in Okinawa, we decided to initiate this project that could encourage students to raise their voices and share opinions about various topics. Since our school newsletter is not the official newsletter of Okinawa International School, it may not offer detailed information about the school, but it introduces major events that happened in the high school department to give an insight into what and how we study and support prospective DP students and their parents by sharing our experiences in DP. Relevant issues that demonstrate global significance every month will be discussed and entertainment content enjoyable for grownups and children alike will also be offered.

We hope to develop our understanding of the global society and spread the knowledge with the members of our community in order to raise ethical awareness of choices and action. Please feel free to leave your opinions and ideas in the chatbox below. Any feedback and suggestions for our next newsletter would be greatly appreciated!


DP1 Kirara Takekura and Kelly Shin

Student's Voice

Student’s Voice