【Update in May, 2023】(External visitors) School Policy on COVID-19 Infections

We ask for your cooperation in adhering to the following policy when visiting the school.


OIS School Policy on Coronavirus Infections

Mask policy
・Not required to wear a mask (individual decision).
・Please have masks with you at all times even if you do not wear a mask (For emergencies).
・If the infection is spreading significantly, stronger infection control measures may be required, such as calling on people to wear appropriate masks temporarily according to the situation.

Mask-wearing situations
・Wear a mask if you have cold symptoms,
・Wear it if you have a positive person in your family.
・Wear it if coughing or sneezing is severe

Dealing with visitors
・Not required to take a PCR or antigen test before visiting school,
but the questionnaire at the entrance or the three-day questionnaire will be required (choose one depending on the situation).

★ The questionnaire at the entrance ⇒ at school office


・If the visitors have cold symptoms, we will ask you to refrain from visiting or take one of the following three measures.
① The PCR test result is negative
② Visit any hospital and receive a diagnosis from a doctor that there is no risk of infection.
③ The antigen test result is negative (Please use 「体外診断⽤医薬品」”medical use” when using a simple antigen test kit.)