CSE Interview / Ms.Yui

Today’s interviewee is Ms. Yui.

―What specific activities are you involved in?

The children’s cafeteria itself is called Kodomo Hiroba in Naha, and within it there is a children’s cafeteria, learning support, and programming classes, all provided free of charge. In addition to that, we also provide support for those in need. The cafeteria feeds the children, and for learning support, we give them printouts and other materials according to their grade level and work with them to answer the questions they don’t understand. For programming, we have a teacher who comes once a week and teaches them. The money for this is from the prefecture’s dormant deposit. We receive support from this dormant deposit.
The Support for the Needy program goes to needy families and delivers box lunches twice a week to those who need help. In the process, I provide learning support and play with the children.

―What was the feeling or impact of that?

There were quite a few more children than I had imagined, and I thought the kids seemed to be isolated. It’s not that the parents are neglecting them, but because they just don’t have the money, or if they are single mothers, they have to work late at night, so they don’t get to come home and communicate or help with homework, so there are a few kids in the children’s cafeteria who are a little behind in their academic skills, I was surprised to find that some of the kids in the cafeteria are not able to say “thank you” or basic greetings, that they don’t know how to solve problems, and that when it comes to boys, they get handsy and don’t really try to solve problems by talking to each other.

―What impressed you or made a positive impression on you?

As I talked and communicated with the children little by little, they opened their hearts to me and asked me to play with them and remembered me until the next time I came. I felt that they were just like normal children, and that they were “pure children” because they wanted to play with others and communicate with others.

―What is the age range of the children at Kodomo Hiroba?

Mainly about 5 to 6 years old and they stop coming when they reach junior high school.

―When are they at Kodomo Hiroba?

They come after school and go home at night.